Cactus Roofing & Exteriors

About Us

We all know any time there's a hail storm-or any severe, damaging  weather-new, so-called "roofing" companies come out of the woodwork  overnight, hoping to take advantage of an emergency situation.  Unfortunately most disappear just as quickly, leaving homeowners holding  the bag; or worse, leaving homeowners with the kind of shoddy  workmanship that causes serious damage to their property.

Instead, why not call a roofer you can trust? Family-owned and operated  Cactus Roofing has been here. We aren't just here for the hail storm,  we're here for the long haul; our business has helped homeowners weather  many a storm!

Cactus Roofing LLC was founded in the 1995 by Bryan  Crawford. A roofing apprentice for over five years, Bryan has a wealth  of knowledge and experience in all facets of roofing. Bryan has also  taken many courses on the subject of roofing, so he can stay up to date  with current trends.

Adams Pro Exteriors was founded in 2010 by Steve Adams.  Steve has a over fifteen years of management and always puts his  customers first, keeping up with all of current trends home exteriors.  Guaranteeing to make your home more beautiful.

Cactus Roofing LLC and Adams Pro Exteriors has teamed up to form Cactus Roofing & Exteriors.  Together we offer solutions to all of your exterior and roofing needs.  Of course all work is guaranteed along with total satisfaction, our  customers are always #1 without great customers we could not provide  for our families, something we never forget!!